Practice The Ultimate Key to Learn Drawing

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We have often heard of the phrase “practice is the key to success”, which has been a true motivator. But when it comes to drawing, how useful is it? As artists, exploration is quite crucial to get your hands on various techniques so that you can always learn drawing and grow. Regardless of your skill level, preferred technique or medium, or whichever form of art you pick up, practice is necessary.

Why is Practice Necessary? 

Let’s see:

Importance of Drawing

Like physical fitness, people want to get fit but are unwilling to start exercising. Similarly, to paint or engage in any other art form, learning to draw is essential to form a rock-solid foundation. 

A steady drawing practice not only creates proficiency but also develops the habit of drawing, which comes in handy when we sit for a longer duration.

Next, sketching and drawing let us explore our ideas and avail that freedom to be playful and lighthearted with no pressure. Moreover, this practice lets our minds connect with our hands and eyes. 

The best way to connect your mind with your eyes and hands is through this exercise- Flip any photograph upside down. Identify the shapes in the visible figure and their relationships with each other. This way, you’ll see images are shapes and forms and would simplify your techniques to draw realistic pencil drawings.

Here are some of the activities if you want to learn to draw

Activity 1:- Draw a Simple Object

When it comes to exploring, you can try different things while drawing any simple object. For example: 

learning activity 1 draw simple objects to learn drawing

  • Start drawing the object with your non-dominant hand. 
  • Try drawing with different pressures, firm pressure and very light pressure. Moreover, you can also try drawing a continuous line on the page and changing its shade from dark to light.
  • Next, try making continuous loops on the page until it gets filled with marks and overlapping shapes.
  • You can also draw a cup or a Glass or a basket of fruit at the start and eventually try to draw a pencil portrait.
  • A perfect exercise for drawing in the darkness. For that, cover the paper in charcoal and then through an eraser create lines and marks by erasing. It is similar to creating lines on white blank paper with a pencil. 

Activity 2:-Try to draw a self-portrait

A very common activity, where you just have to sit in front of the mirror every day for a designated time and draw your portrait. You can use any medium, pencil or charcoal and start with a large newsprint pad.

Begin with quick drawings of your face or your sitting posture as a warm-up, and then you can progress to detailed self-portraits. 

Now again, look for shapes, forms and their interrelations in your image; notice how the shapes change and move. Observe your proportions, and identify the negative spaces. It might seem tough in the beginning but you’ll grow as you’ll progress.

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