How To Draw A Landscape?

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The evolution of the camera has not stopped the artists from creating mesmerizing landscape drawings. People are still keen to learn how to draw a landscape to recreate the scenic beauty with their skills and emotion. 

People prefer the best online drawing classes to learn the art of landscape drawing. But there are few basics that you must have an idea about before you go ahead and start your drawing tutorials.

You Must Have At least Three Types Of Drawing Pencils!

Having different drawing pencils will help you add tonal differences or variances to the drawing. The soft graphite will make darker marks, and harder graphite will make softer textures. Keep one pencil of both B & H denotation. Some pencils with HB denotation are perfect for drawing the roads. 

You will get these pencils easily at any art store. These are the first things that you will need if you want to learn to draw landscapes. 

Choose The Landscape You Want To Draw!

Landscapes can be of different types such as wheat fields, rural lane, village, mountain stream, waterfall, cityscape and others. You need to know the basic approach to learn how to draw the landscapes to be ready to start with the drawing of any landscape you encounter with. 

You will be taught the same at your online drawing classes. So, to help you guide in this Blog, let’s pick up mountain stream as the specimen landscape that you will learn to draw in the next step. 

A Step By Step Guide on How to Draw a Landscape.

Follow these steps to sketch the mountain stream landscape perfectly with pencil shading effects:

  • Draw a horizontal line slightly above the centre of the drawing paper.
  • Now make multiple triangles on the upper part of the line with centre lines in every triangle. Keep the triangle sides high as they are for the trees. 
  • Pull out two wavy lines from the below of horizontal line to make the outline of the river. 
  • Draw jagged lines on the outer side of the long triangles that will replicate the trees.
  • Add some overlapping circles on either side of the river outline to replicate pebbles and stones. Draw different sized uneven circles to add a more realistic touch. 
  • Draw clouds above the trees and add a circle in the sky region for replicating sun. 
  • Darken the trees that are overlapped beside the front ones and add some fine details onto the front trees. 
  • Use pencil shading to partially fill the pebbles to make it look more artistic. Add some small pebbles in the centre of the river body and draw fine lines to show water movement. 
  • Now, your landscape drawing of a mountain stream is complete.

Just like that, you need to have patience and go step by step to draw all landscapes easily. You need to break down the environmental subjects and simplify it to draw perfectly. With these basic ideas, you will eventually learn faster when you take your online drawing classes. So, go ahead and draw the perfect landscapes and give a boost to your artistic abilities.

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