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About Pencil Perceptions

Pencil Perceptions Academy, founded by artist Sadashivv Sawant in March 2017, stands as a beacon for those passionate about the authentic beauty of pencil drawing. Sawant, armed with an educational background in mechanical engineering, brings a unique perspective to the art world. His approach to realism is deeply rooted in technical and scientific principles, fostering a meticulous focus on proportions, shapes, and tonal values.

At Pencil Perceptions Academy, the emphasis lies not only on honing artistic skills but also on cultivating a scientific understanding of the intricacies behind achieving realism in pencil drawings. Students are guided through a curriculum that trains their eyes to discern subtle nuances in both references and their own work, enabling them to master the art of capturing realism on paper.

One distinguishing feature of the academy is its dedication to preserving the purity of pencil rendering. Sawant advocates for the exclusion of blending tools, instead preferring techniques that leverage the natural texture of paper to imbue drawings with elegance and grace. Through specialized methods developed by Sawant himself, students learn to harness the inherent qualities of pencil and paper, resulting in renderings that exude sophistication and charm.

The impact of Pencil Perceptions Academy extends globally, with thousands of students benefiting from its scientific approach and exclusive teachings. By marrying artistic expression with technical precision, the academy continues to inspire a love for pencil drawing and elevate the skills of aspiring artists worldwide.

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