How to Set Realistic Artistic Goals in 2024

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Setting the goals as an art enthusiast is no Rocket Science! But, setting the achievable Artistic Goals in 2024 requires your time & effort. Even in every aspect of your life, you need to categorize your goals in the short term & long term. This way, you can strive to achieve them within the set timeline else things will look messy and unattainable. Well, if you wish to learn to draw through an online class for drawing, then this is the right platform. Before that, let us help you with setting the Realistic Artistic Goals in 2024 through this blog. 

1. Importance of self-awareness in setting goals 

Before setting Artistic Goals in 2024 as a newbie artist, you need to deep dive within yourself & perform the self-analysis activity. You need to examine where you stand currently and where you wish to stand in the next couple of months or a year. The more self-awareness you have, the more you will set realistic goals that are in alignment with your artistic growth. Here are all the things you must question yourself for self-awareness: 

What artistic skills do you currently possess? 

What current artistic skills require improvement?

What all-new artistic skills do you wish to develop? 

What types of drawings, paintings, or sketches are you looking forward to learning? 

What should be my daily practice schedule to achieve different forms of art? 

Should I need to learn to draw all by myself or should I require mentor guidance by joining the drawing course for beginners? 

Once you find answers to all the above questions, you will be in a better state to plan your Artistic Goals in 2024.

2. Guidance on setting clear and specific artistic goals

artistic goals

Whatever goals you set for yourself, it should be clear, specific, and achievable. We, as beginners, often create cumbersome goals that are unorganized and often demotivate and distract us from working on them. Set goals that are easy to understand and implement as mentioned below: 

My goal is to learn to work on toned paper. 

My goal is to learn art rendering techniques for creating fur, realistic hair, or lips. 

My goal is to learn about the fundamentals of art, materials, tools, pencil grades, etc. 

Specify this way whatever you wish to learn and you will be able to complete them in no time. Setting artistic goals is quite similar to preparing for school board exams. Here you specify what chapters or specific subjects you will complete in a day or week before the final examination date. Planning your preparation for art subjects similarly will be helpful. You can even create handwritten notes of technical material for your future references & get back there whenever needed. 

3. Guidance on creating a timeline for artistic goals

Once you have successfully set the Artistic Goals in 2024, you need to create a feasible timeline to achieve them. Here is how you can do it: 

Design a chart of attainable Artistic Goals in 2024.

Segregate those goals into long-term goals and short-term goals. 

State the exact period it will take to achieve the short-term goals such as 1 day, 10 days, 1 month, etc. 

State the exact time it will take to achieve the long-term goals such as 2 months, 6 months,1 year, etc. 

Now, further, we divide the short-term goals into daily practice goals such as if you wish to become a pro at shading or blending techniques in 15 days, then how much practice time you will devote each day for what time exactly. 

Keep track of your progress and mark everything on your to-do list for the day as soon as you accomplish one artistic task. 


This way you will soon be able to achieve your long-term goals faster than expected. 

4 . Importance of seeking feedback 

Importance of seeking feedback

Self-paced learning is fine in achieving the  Artistic Goals in 2024 but isn’t 100% fruitful without guidance from the group of art experts. Learning from professional experts, mentors, and peer members will help you understand the fundamentals of art. Moreover, they will guide you timely by improving your skills. 

Regular Feedback on loopholes

Encouraging you from time to time to ensure progress

Giving you assignments based on your expertise 

Training your hands for multiple artistic creations

Teaching you art technicalities, core basics, and fundamentals.

You will be able to improve and rectify the errors as soon as you commit them. 

Feedback allows you to draw things you think are impossible. 

The best part is you will learn from peers too, if they commit one mistake it will be addressed to the whole class so that you can ignore it in future. Moreover, the online communities give you enough confidence to have open interaction on certain art topics which will eventually help you achieve your Artistic Goals in 2024. 

5. Why is enrolling in a drawing course a valuable supplement?

Enrolling in an online class for drawing helps you ensure that you are in alignment with your Artistic Goals in 2024. If you wish to learn to draw systematically, then the online course can be a boon. Moreover, as a learner, there will be certain times when you will feel stuck in a subject that might discourage you from drawing, hampering your artistic learning progress. This problem is overcome by our drawing course for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. We teach you everything regularly, one subject after another such that you achieve your Artistic Goals in 2024 with the desired deadline. We ensure that you diligently follow the three P’s of artistic learning Perfection, Practice, and Persistence. Our online course trains your hand by sharing with you all the tips, tricks, and different methodologies to achieve the utmost perfection. You get detailed videos and additional course materials free of cost that act as a buddy in helping you attain the Artistic Goals in 2024.

Several parameters are there that play a vital role in setting the Artistic Goals in 2024. Some of them are self-analysis, timeline, mentor guidance, etc. Keep in mind the things discussed above while creating realistic Artistic Goals in 2024. Our firm provides the best drawing course for beginners embarking on a new adventure in their artistic journey. The online class for drawing offered by us is fully encapsulated with the expert’s guidance. Join the beginner-level courses or master-level programs at Pencil Perception Academy as per your expertise. 

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