4 Biggest Drawing Myths Stopping you from Becoming an Artist

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Since evolution, Drawing has remained an integral part of human society. Whether to record actual events or to express emotions, ideas, and feelings creatively, Drawing has been our primary choice. Drawing lets us express ourselves & our vision to the world with minimal tools. Still, there are many myths about drawing that stops people from giving it a start. In this blog, we will discuss these myths and how you can learn to draw.

So, here are some common Myths about Drawing

Myth no. 1: You can’t learn Drawing, it’s a God gift

“I wish I could draw like you!” These are the most common words that beginners express while looking at an expert in the field. We grow-up with the misconception that people are born with drawing skills. If someone draws a stunning piece within minutes and we struggle even to make lines and sticks, we feel we are not cut for it!

Well, let me tell you, that’s not a case, not at all. All it takes is practice, dedication, and hard work. No skill will come to you automatically; you will have to master it with every passing day.

Myth no 2: Drawing is about grabbing the attention of others

Everyone craves attention and praise; there is nothing wrong with it. But would you do everything to impress others and make them happy? What about how you feel? Remember how as kids, we drew anything, anywhere, and that too for pure fun? But as we grow old, we try to suppress what we feel and divert all our attention towards impressing others. That’s where everything goes wrong.

Obviously, a praiseworthy drawing is good, but the goal should be to draw something that expresses you, your feelings, and your ideas. 

Myth no 3: Drawing and Painting are the same

Although they are very close, there is some fundamental difference between drawing and painting. Drawing is the base to learn painting. You can Master the art by understanding some essential elements of art. If you remember in school, we made the drawing first and then coloured the drawing; Because drawing is the base of the painting.

So drawing and painting are similar. However, drawing and painting aren’t the same. But, if you master drawing logically, you can also master painting.

Myth no.4: Special tools are necessary for better Drawings

This is one of the most prevalent myths about Drawing! As people see artists and pros using a hoard of drawing equipment or graphic tablets, they feel it’s these gadgets that help them create stunning Drawings.

Not exactly! Ever wondered which tool did Da Vinci used to draw? Pencils and a piece of paper! Remember this one thing; it’s not the gadgets that do the magic; it’s the one who wields them!


Next time you feel you cannot draw as you don’t have cool gadgets, think twice! Drawing is a massive field. You need a lot of dedication and hard work to be able to draw efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Break these myths and Start Learning opt for online drawing classes to learn and grow.

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