How to Draw Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair in 6 Simple Steps

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Pencil Perceptions

When it comes to portraits, sketches, and painting making, it must look realistic pencil drawing is the number one goal on the list for any artist. No matter how beautiful the art is, if it does not convince the human eyes with authenticity, it is all for nothing. Isn’t it?

Having said that, achieving realistic features for human sketching takes a great level of patience and skills. Realistic Pencil Drawing is something that requires constant practise and commitment to keep drawing better with time. With this article, we’ve got you covered with a kick-start in this direction. 

Once you know how it’s done, if you keep doing it right and with utmost conviction, you’ll be able to master the skill of pencil art with perfection. 

So let’s begin this session on how to draw realistic hair with a pencil? 

Draw basic outlines

Draw Basic Outline of your Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair

While learning any form of art, this is a mandate. You are always first taught to outline the object that you are trying to draw so that you have a definite direction. The same is with Realistic Pencil Drawing. Carefully draw the outlines of the head, hairline, and neck and use a darker shade of pencil to achieve precision. 

Analyze Shapes

Analyze Shapes

The next step is to analyze the different kinds of shapes that will go in making this real. Take into account the different shapes of the hair strands, and the hair that is covering the scalp and the forehead. 


Do Shading to your Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair

The next step is very basic and simple. You have to now start shading according to the shapes that you’ve created in the previous step. 



To make it look more realistic, what you have to now do is smoothen your shades out. Use a cotton swab to soften the lines and blend in the hair structure to make it look more natural. 

Highlights and Contrast

Add Higlight and Contrast to your Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair

The next step is to highlight particular parts of your drawing to give it a more natural look. Also, add contrast using a dark-coloured pencil and move it across the same strokes/direction/overall motion that you were using in the original colour flow. You can also use coloured pencils to make your pencil art more attractive and refined. 

Final Details of Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair

Final Details of our Realistic Pencil Drawing of Hair

A true artist is one who puts in creativity like there is no end and refines it in the end like the beginning. Hence that’s how your Realistic Pencil Drawing will fructify with the final detailing. Look for spaces where you can add more elements to make it look natural.

For example, creating baby hair, flyaways, stray hairs, and all the small imperfections that give your drawing the finest natural look. Also, this is where your wild imagination comes to play. Visualize how it can be made more realistic on your own. Side by side also keeps referring to other portraits

There you go! You are now ready to master the art of Realistic Pencil Drawing in 06 simple steps. All the best! 

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