Step by Step Guide to Draw a Human Face Sketch

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There is this one thing with pencil art, it has to not just look convincingly natural but also supremely realistic. However, when it comes to carving out the human face sketch on paper, the task becomes increasingly difficult and also time-consuming. But, you do not have to worry at all because we have got you covered with the best.

Step by Step Guide to Draw a Human Face Sketch:-

Let’s begin without wasting any more time. 

Always start with a circle

The only way to get through a human face sketch with utmost realistic features is to start with a circle and then draw a horizontal line between the two to mark out the human features equidistantly. Then move further to outline the drawing in symmetry to the circle and the horizontal line. 

Draw guidelines on the face

The next step is to carve out the face in equal propositions according to the features starting with a centerline that runs vertically. Then go on to mark out the features and position in symmetry. There are two ways to do this- with a ruler and without a ruler. Use a ruler initially when you are just starting for exact guidelines. 

Locate the eyes

After you’ve marked lines and spots for the features, start with locating the eyes right on the centerline that you’ve created in step 02. This feature will guide you throughout so make sure you are doing it right. 

Move towards drawing a proportionate nose

When you’ve got the positioning of the eyes correct, develop the eyes fine enough and move towards crafting a proportional nose. Extend the lines from the eyes to below and draw a box for your nose to fit in and come out as real as possible. 

Add the eyebrows

The next step is to go all the way and curate the perfect set of eyebrows complementing the eyes that you’ve drawn in step 03. You can choose the shape and density depending upon the eyes and nose that you’ve crafted till now. 

Draw out the lips

Once you’ve got the eyebrows in place, now it is time to draw the lips. Use a triangle shape to give a realistic touch to the lips. Start with drawing a vertical line down the center of each eye to mark the boundary of your lips. 

Put the ears in place

Use the centerline as the referral point for drawing a perfect pair of ears. 

Give the finishing touch with hair

The last step in your realistic pencil drawing of a human face is drawing the hair. Start from the immediate line that you’ve drawn in step 02. It’s totally up to you to leave how much ever space for the forehead as you see fit. 

There you go! You have a human face sketch ready in just 08 simple steps. Visit Pencil Perceptions profile for getting more interesting art references to draw it yourself.

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