What is the Fibonacci Sequence? and What is the impact of drawing?

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Fibonacci Sequence is named after the brilliant mathematician named Fibonacci. He initially brought the Arabic numeral system into the play and introduced number Zero and decimal places. Not just the mathematical aspects, but the artistic composition has also benefitted from this ideology. As the impact of the Fibonacci sequence in Drawing is immense, the artists have shown immense interest in it, and it is being adapted on a large scale now.

Hence, this blog is all about explaining the impact of the Fibonacci Sequence in drawings. Along with that, you will also get an idea on how to draw the Fibonacci oriented drawings.

Importance Of Fibonacci sequence in Drawing

The Fibonacci Sequence drawing with the right implementation can help you connect the dots and learn to draw the Fibonacci spiral. The dots here are each number of the Fibonacci Sequence. If you visualize each number as a square and connect the opposite corners of it, you will get the spiral ready.

The artists found the Fibonacci spiral as an effective expression based on the principle ‘Rule of Thirds’. It is the picture composition ideology where the image features are meant to be approached by thirds to bring balance instead of centring them. By implementing such rules, the flow of the picture will eventually be enhanced.

Many artists have already created mesmerizing arts out of the Fibonacci spiral and are have shown the right way of using it. Some artists have outlined the compositions by using not just one but two spirals. It needs observation of the artists to implement the Fibonacci Sequence in the right way to bring out mesmerizing compositions.

You can prefer joining online sketching courses to learn this tactic to be a proficient artist and create mesmerizing art with a balanced composition.

How To Draw Fibonacci Spiral By Co-ordinating The Sequence?

Here are basic theoretical steps that you might need to follow for drawing the Fibonacci spiral by co-ordinating the Sequence. You can refer to online courses for practical demonstrations of Fibonacci sequence drawing. The steps are:

  • Use rulers and pencil to draw the squares corresponding to Fibonacci Sequence such as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.
  • You need to draw the squares in a counter clock-wise direction, and the pattern of the spiral will be ready.
  • Set the compass at the first unit of the square and then turn the compass with a pencil for 90 degrees.
  • Now adjust the compass for the next unit and turn the compass 90 degrees and do it until all the squares have curved spiral passing through them.
  • The spiral is now ready to be inked or for preparing an artistic composition.

These are a few aspects that explain the immense impact of Fibonacci Sequence in drawing. The artists have praised the idea and have implemented it. Many famous paintings across the globe seem to be balanced with the idea of the Fibonacci spiral. Therefore, if you wish to know more about these Sequence and its implementation in drawing, reach out to the professionals who offer online sketching courses to help you master the art of drawing a Fibonacci circle.

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