Why is drawing important in Graphic designing

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As we have entered a digital era, and everything is going online, Graphic Designing has become one of the most demanding careers globally. There are a plethora of individuals who strive to build a reputable career in Graphic Designing.

Although Graphics are made with numerous software and tools nowadays, there is one fundamental skill that a professional Graphic Designer should have “Drawing”. Many enthusiasts come to us with this question;

Why is drawing important in Graphic designing?

So here, we bring you the answer to the eternal question!

Drawing is fundamental.

Without learning drawing or sketching, you can implement your ideas. However, drawing is the base of graphic designing. So, if you master the fundamentals of drawing; you can master graphic designing too. Drawing allows you to create, alter and modify designs as per your imaginations and your ideas. 

Yes, Digital Tools can help, but up to a certain extent only. Digital tools cannot help you visualize or express your emotions and feelings as good as an old sketchbook can! So if you are good at drawing, you can create blueprints for any design in the physical form and then implement it in the design tools. You get more freedom, more ideas and more opportunities to get the Original designs, unlike copy cats!

Technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, and they are capable and innovative! However, without the fundamentals of drawing, It is hard to master graphic designing. Some of the main reasons Why is drawing important in Graphic designing is because it can help you in various ways, such as understanding the tonal values, thought-provoking, creating stunning art and inspiring designs.

Digital tools cannot replace Physical tools.

Have you ever noticed that every Graphic Designing software emphasizes that their tools offer a more “natural-looking effect”? It is because no matter how advanced technology becomes, physical tools will always carry a natural charm. A Piece of Art made by an Artist always has more value than a piece of digital graphic. 

Remember, all Digital tool developers are striving to design them in a way that they can perform more similar to Physical tools! However, it’s easy to be a Graphic Designer without even drawing a single mark on paper, but the question is, can you be the best? 

So we can say that these Digital tools are mere approximations of their Physical ancestors. So you can learn graphic designing and also be good at graphic designing. However, to master graphic designing, you must learn drawing.

Innovations originate from fundamentals.

Today you buy a Designing tool or software, and you get hundreds of templates and pre-designed themes that you can use. But remember, these pre-designed templates are ideas and imagination of some creative individuals and not yours!

Without learning drawing and sketching, you cannot materialize your ideas and designs. You must learn math and theory behind choosing the right colour, right geometry figure and shapes, designs and tonal values of the shade to create an innovative graphic. You can understand some essential factors that add essence to your creatives by learning drawing or sketching.


Now you know, Why is drawing important in graphic designing. And how can drawing impact your designing skills;

So if you want to Master and build an envious career as a Graphic Designer, Than you should be good at sketching and drawing! You can also join online art classes, opt for Drawing tutorials or do anything possible, but master this skill if you want to scale new heights as a Graphic Designer. If you need any further assistance about these issues, feel free to reach us. We will be more than happy to help!

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