10 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Pencil Art

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Why Sell the Art? 

In the earlier days, the scope of an artist’s career was limited to selling through impromptu street sales, art galleries, or exhibitions. Selling pencil art as a part-time online business can generate huge revenue that can soon turn out to be your main source of income. They should sell their art for gaining International/Indian-level recognition, value, customer reach & appreciation for their work. 

How & Whom to Sell the Art? 

The pencil art can be sold in various online art market platforms by setting up your art business there free of cost. The art displayed on these sites will be visible to all people irrespective of their age or occupation. You will find a variety of customers from businessmen to art enthusiasts, to learners,  to the general public buying your art for their requirements. Some might want it for exhibitions, home decor, office decor or even selling it further. You can also provide customized art to your customers when you gain their trust & make a handsome number of sales. 

List of platforms where you can sell your art

Below are the top platforms to sell paintings online

  • Shopify:

Shopify, an e-commerce platform is the best online art market that allows you to create website shops using different templates, and hosts & start selling them on your own. It provides a 90 days trial & has $29 (Basic plan) & $299 (Advanced plan) monthly subscription fees. 

  • TurningArt:

TurningArt rents & sells your art piece to commercial clients by displaying your artwork in the big hallways. You can earn by leasing, commission, and sales. You get 60% for original work sale,  20% for canvas printing & so on. 

  • UGallery:

UGallery is a high-end gallery platform with top-notch illustrations, images, sculptures, prints, and paintings. It has a stringent application selection process with a fee of $5. The sales get divided into a 50:50 ratio. 

  • Etsy:

Etsy, launched in 2005 is the best platform for painters, crafters, and designers. Create an Etsy shop & start listing your products in HD pictures. Do its marketing & start generating revenue through sales. The platform charges a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee & 5% transaction fee plus additional fees for advertisements. 

  • FineArtAmerica:

It integrates the traditional gallery model with a comprehensive print-on-demand. You can buy ready-made pieces or get their artwork printed on an iPhone case, greeting cards, or a T-Shirt. Open your account on FineArtAmerica, upload HD art images, add the markup, feature products & set prices. 

  • Zazzle:

Zazzle lets you decide the royalty rate making you earn extra for every sale. These rates can be between 5%-99%. It has 1,500 blank product types. Selling on Zazzle is similar to society6. 

  • Pixpa:

Pixpa lets you create art-selling websites without any coding for a 15-day trial. It has 150+ templates, & built-in features like galleries, blogs, and stores. Their basic plan is $8/month & the creator plan is $16/month. 

  • Society6:

Society6 allows category-based artwork searching like tech, apparel, home decor, furniture, wall art, etc. The print-on-demand powerhouse is an easy-to-sell art platform. Artists get only 10% of their sales & can generate revenue through affiliate marketing. Everything from printing, marketing, shipping & fulfilment is handled by them. 

  • Amazon:

The world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon has an ‘Amazon handmade section’ & a ‘Fine art section.’ The platform charges $0.99 for each sale & a 5-20% referral fee for the art section. The referral fee for the Amazon Handmade section is 15% of every sale. 

  • Saatchi Art:

Saatchi Art is a global art-selling platform & that has sold across 80 countries to date. With 6.5 lakh followers on Instagram, & 5 lakh followers on Facebook, the company gets 1.6 million visitors/per month & 12 million page views. Create your profile & upload your art & start its packaging once the sale comes. The company takes a 35% commission for every sale & handles all shipping processes. 

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