Ultimate Guide On How To Draw Portraits Drawings

Drawing portraits has always been a challenge for you, Here we have found some easy steps that might help you out.

Choose a good reference; draw a rough sketch of the entire face. Start with the darkest part of the reference, as you can see we have started with hair. Create a base layer & maintain the contrast in hair.

Step 1

Next, draw the outline of the eye. Add details in iris, sclera & pupil but remember to capture the way of light & highlight the white part in the pupil. Add darker values in the eyebrow. 

Step 2

Then Focus on the dimension of the nose before shading it because the nose will always cast a shadow. Notice it and render it carefully.    

Step 3

While drawing lips start with the base layer then add the tones just as in the skin. All the highlights must be made in the end.

Step 4

Now, this is the last stage. The finishing touch is like a cherry on the cake. Here you have to check, Does anything that needs to be fixed or add some extra layer.

Step 5

Finally, You have learned how to draw Portraits Drawings. This is only a mini guide on how to draw portraits. We have the best Online Drawing Courses for you. These Sketching Courses are perfect for beginners and people who want to improve their drawing skills. Draw with comfort, and improve your skills with Pencil Perceptions. Join our Online Sketching Course by none other than Sir Sadashiv Sawant.

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