Learn How To Draw A White Horse

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Drawing, painting, and craft activities help one unleash their inner creativity and potential to the fullest. Even though there are no specific techniques to drawing as it comes straight out of creativity, certain kinds of art require one to do the basics just right, like drawing a human portrait or an animal, among others, which would require following a basic structure, and so on. 

With the right techniques and materials, you can create a stunning piece of art that will bring your white horse to life. In this blog, we will explore the various techniques and supplies you need to draw a white horse with pencils. We will also discuss a bunch of tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results, as only when you have the right approach in place can you overcome the dilemma or doubt of how to draw.

Here are a few steps to Learn How To Draw a White Horse

Now let us look at the steps in order to achieve a beautiful drawing of a white horse by the end of the blog. 

  1. To achieve accuracy in terms of the shape and design of your horse, the first step is to create a simple square grid. To do so, you can print out a reference image and create a grid first on this and then on the drawing sheet you will be using. By paying close attention to each square and the corresponding drawing portion within it, you can use the grid on the reference image to help you later draw with the greatest accuracy and precision. 
  2. Make sure to lightly trace the lines when creating the grid to prevent smudges from appearing after they have been removed.
  3. When the grid is prepared, position the reference image in view and wipe the drawing surface with a tissue to remove any pencil traces. 
  4. Now the eye can be taken as the starting point and slowly and gradually each square should be drawn by accurate reference. 
  5. Ensure that you use a mix of both black and white charcoal pencils to draw your white horse with proper shading and contours from the beginning itself. 
  6. Once the basic shape of the white horse is made, you can remove the grid created in the beginning and start to refine the structure of the horse created. 
  7. After the horse, attention can then be paid to the background to create a realistic look of the drawing post which you can detail out and achieve the final drawing of your white horse. 


These are the basic steps to follow but do not forget to follow your heart and let the creativity flow. But if this is something that excites you and you would like to learn more about how to draw then enrol now on the Pencil Perceptions online art classes by Sadashiv Sawant which focuses more on how to explain each and every step in detail. With a curated list of courses, you can choose from the ones that interest you now. Master the art by learning from expert artists and learn to draw magical art like a pro!

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