Learn To Draw a Faceted Face Online

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Seeing realistic portraits & human figures is quite astonishing for all of us! The more beautiful it looks, the more complicated it gets while working on it without having the right knowledge. Most art enthusiasts get stuck on the question: how to draw the perfect human face? Making human figures & heads with perfection seems to be a complex task. The easiest way is to break them into faceted faces. As a result of this, you will get a beautiful, toned, perfectly angled, shaded human head or figure. You should consider the direction of the light source before creating these and begin by darkening and highlighting the facets in accordance. Most learners struggle with colouring the lighter and darker areas because they either combine them or do it pointlessly.

Well, there are plenty of such problems that often arise while learning all by yourself in isolation. The best solution to this chaos is to join drawing tutorials in online art classes. With the help of the right guidance, you will be able to learn the smallest of details that will bring realism to your pencil sketch. We offer such classes to make you efficient in your drawing skills. Let’s now learn to draw the faceted face & discuss how we can help you through our online art classes in the details below. 

Guideline To Draw The Faceted Face

Learn to draw the faceted face through the step-by-step process mentioned below – 

Creating lines

  • In the first step, start the process by drawing a circle. Create lines within the circle that are adjoined like a diamond shape. Note that once you join lines, it should create a triangle whose angle is signified at the center of the circle. 

Shading process

  • The shading procedure should come first. The bottom field, as well as the top, left, or right, are all viable starting points for shading. The essential thing to keep in mind is to highlight and shade forms according to how the light falls on the face.


  • The sections of the faceted face with the most light and darkness should be noted and shaded appropriately.

light hitting the face

  • The ambitious artist must monitor the amount of light hitting the face and shade each section of the face appropriately to increase precision. 

final touch-up

  • The fifth step is the last & final step. Like we give the final touch-up to our makeup, the pencil sketches also need the same at the end. 

The pencil sketch course by Sir Sadashiv Sawant will make you efficient in making hyper-realistic artwork with minimal effort. You can join the course even if you have zero knowledge of art. Enrolled students will get free resources, backend support, and detailed downloadable videos during the course. You will gain a thorough understanding of the minute intricacies of pencil sketch drawings as well as how to draw a variety of faces, portraits, textures, spheres, etc. during these online drawing sessions. Sir Sadashiv Sawant’s online art workshops & courses include The ONYX Course, The Silver Course, and others. Some of them have mentorship inclusive in fees while others don’t have it. The duration of these online art classes varies from 2 months to 1 year. Learners will be provided online booklets, PDFs, and other relevant tools to support them learn how to draw correctly. Anybody above 13 years of age is eligible to join drawing tutorials by the expert Sir Sadashiv Sawant. 

We hope that the above guide on how to draw was beneficial! Join Sir Sadashiv Sawant’s top drawing courses right away to bring perfection to your sketches. Enhance your artistic skills through Online Drawing Classes. Learn techniques and create stunning artwork all from your comfort zone. The batch gets filled in the blink of an eye. To learn more about our online painting workshops, explore our official website and take a look at our social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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