Importance of Drawing in the Painting Process

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Painters would often get nervous when it comes to pencil art and the whole concept of drawing. We all love colours in painting! Describing the whole subject with just a few brush strokes is easier than messing it up with a pencil for hours. But well, there is hardly any artist who would not acknowledge the importance of drawing in the painting process. Let us learn a few aspects of the importance of drawing before painting.

Drawing is observing and thinking

Drawing is more related to observing the object and thinking rather than the marks on the sheet. Of course, making marks is essential, however, it all starts in your eyes and mind. You must observe your subject, decide on its composition and have visual notes on it. When you start to draw, the medium would almost be invisible and would become an extension of your hand, enabling you to characterize your object effortlessly. When you’re thinking effectively and exploring ideas, a drawing medium would not get in the way. 

Drawing provides you with the platform to paint

Most of the painters think about the broader aspects of colours and tone for refining the work towards finer detailing. It is an amazing way to work that creates 3D images even they are abstracts. When you draw first you establish a platform that the planes of your subject are built onto. The initial focus on the proportion as well as structural lines gives you the confidence for constructing the forms with certainty. Hence, not only your painting is more accurate, but also more confident. When you begin drawing, it offers you more freedom for exploring and loosening up without losing on the plot. You can take drawing lessons online to learn more about how to draw effectively.

Drawing is all about seeing

When you are working on even a faintly realistic work painting is all about seeing your subject since what you represent would only be as good as what your visual impression of the subject is. Hence, watching your subject carefully is extremely crucial. Painting is a great deal unless you sketch in watercolours and the material you use would surely be expensive. But when it comes to a pencil and a sketch pad, they are cheaper and faster. This enables you to spend more time observing and recording your subject, practice your hand and eye coordination, and think about the form, structure and surface of your subject, its shadow and recording light. 

Drawing is your best friend

Of course, drawing and painting are two different forms of art in their own right. But drawing is your best friend. You don’t have to spend hours and hours working over dry pencil drawings when your heart desires some mesmerising brilliance of oil and pigment. You can see the drawing mediums such as charcoal or pastel, graphite or coloured pencils, as tools to explore that enhance your work. Taking online drawing classes is yet another easy way to learn about the different kinds of mediums that you can learn about.

Now that you know the importance of drawing in the painting process, go all out and paint the world! Learn from the best online drawing classes and start creating masterpieces!

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