Things you can do when you are Good at Drawing

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As an artist, you may find yourself losing motivation at some point in time due to consistent practice and no evident improvements in your art. Goals are really important along with the motivation to get long-term results. But it becomes monotonous to just be practising with no enthusiasm or possible perks. There’s so much more you can do when you’re good at drawing with your art. You can draw Pencil sketches, Pencil portrait and charge money for your art; have you ever given a thought;

So here are some things you can do when you are good at drawing 

1. You can record and upload your videos when you are good at drawing. 

You can also build your social media presence, which is or will be necessary when you start selling out your art under your brand name.


When we started our pencil perception academy very few people were aware of our academy. Gradually, with time and with the help of these Social Media Platforms Such as Youtube and Instagram, we were able to influence different people. And this is how our dream got wings.

Simply find what you enjoy doing and maintain a sketch notebook for drawing. Like a travel journal, or something random that inspires you and you sketch it out. Record videos while you’re making them and upload.

2. You can start your brand when you are good at drawing

Well yes, you’re not perfect yet but you can start taking baby steps from today. One of the easiest things you can do is make personalized gifts for your friends, families or can even take paid contracts from clients.

Like, hand-made Birthday cards, colouring books, sketched mugs, T-shirts, notebooks, mobile covers, etc. Or, you can start your drawing academy and share what you’ve learned. 

However, never create things for free unless it’s a really special occasion. People tend to “buy” only when they realize that it is worth what you’re offering.

3. Showcase your art

you can show case your work when you are good at drawing

Not only great or professional artists showcase their work, but even amateurs also start from somewhere.

Find small galleries or local art-schools that can provide you space, remain anonymous and exhibit on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or DeviantArt.

4. Collaborate with other artists

Doesn’t matter if it’s for business or just for fun, collaborating with other artists would always give you an insight into their approach to art.

Now, you can also join hands with someone who has other talents like composing music. That way, you can illustrate your videos while their music plays.

Approach beginner or amateur artists so that you both do some great work together at flexible prices.

5. You can Decorate your workplace

If you are good at work you can decorate your work place

There’s a lot more you can do than just hanging a few frames on the walls to make a place look interesting, be it your home or workplace. 

Design your furniture, paint or illustrate on your walls, paint on the flowerpots, mirrors, anything.

Again, approach cafes or restaurants (newly opened) to decorate their walls and monetize your skills. 

6. Learn other skills

If you want to learn other forms of art, drawing skills can work as a base for you.

If you are good at drawing you can learn other skills too

Some skills where you steer your career when you are good at drawing is calligraphy, illustration, sculpture sketching, jewellery design, costume designing, Graphic designing, etc.

7. Use it for self-expression

Art is a form of self-expression, but how would it benefit you or others?

When you start a pencil drawing or sketching, you can express your views or opinions. Of course, it might not be a revolutionary or world-changing opinion, but it will help people to connect with you and work as a therapy for you or others.

Drawing tutorials by Pencil Perceptions guide the artists to work on their artistic skills and create amazing pencil sketches. These courses also enable artists to develop new skills so that they are consistently motivated.

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