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Just like in sports, drawing also requires consistent practice and patience to get better gradually. Before running in any marathon (or drawing realistic sketches), you must stretch yourself, build that stamina so that you can learn to draw even complex drawings Such as Pencil portrait and pencil sketches.

So, to warm up your muscles daily and practice your skills, we have compiled together some drawing exercises for you.

Let’s get started with these dawing exercises which will help you learn to draw and uplift your skills. 

Find shapes in figures

Many times, it happens that we have an idea of the object but our mind drives us away from it towards the standard direction, which we might not be aiming for. Like people from different cultures have different facial features, like eyes. But when you sit to draw a baby, you might end up drawing the eyes of an adult.

To counter that you need to train your mind to see shapes instead of whole figures. So, you need to practice different forms or versions of the same thing. Like, drawing the Nose or lips of a kid, an old person, a person of Asian origin, etc.

lern to draw the shapes of the figure before going you start drawing

It depends on you how far you want to go. Over time, your mind will get trained to see shapes instead of whole forms and to not steer you away from your destination.

Work on Perspectives

We see an object with multiple perspectives in real life and learn to draw with only one and are unable to draw from different perspectives.

If you want to learn to draw, Your perspective towards the object is important. Begin with drawing simple lines and then move to details. Perspective drawing can help expand your views about a simple object and make your visual library diverse.

One Liner

This exercise is pretty cool if you want to learn pencil sketches. You just need to touch your pencil on the paper and keep on drawing without lifting it until you’re finished.

So, ultimately you are drawing the whole thing in a single line, where every part is connected. You can also up your game by trying out harder lines and corners in your drawing.

One Day, One Theme

Choose one theme for one day. Example, an animate or inanimate object, small-sized ones, the ones with a specific colour, etc. Then Learn to draw it for the day. In this way, you are expanding your visual library and practising your hand skills while also building the concepts.

Word Stacks

‘Quite an interesting exercise to build your creativity. You just need to compile 3 decks of equal cards, like 25 each and print an adjective on each card of the first stack, a noun on the second stack and a verb on the third stack.

Then shuffle them separately, and pick one card from each stack to make a phrase like Funny-Bottle-Singing.

Draw it! It might look funny but would build your confidence in the craft.

At Pencil Perceptions, you will find similar interesting and brainstorming exercises along with drawing tutorials to make yourself better at pencil drawing and shading.

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