Learn How To Draw in Just 05 Simple Steps 

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As they say, “Drawing is not one sees but what one makes others see.” This could not have been saying any better. Could it? When it comes to Pencil Art, it only gets more refined with time and the kind of techniques that we adapt to.  Having said that, learning how to draw with the right techniques becomes imperative.

Gone are the days when the drawing was just an extra-curricular or a hobby. With the new modern times and Gen-Z, it’s more like a career choice that the kids are passionate about. 

Well, you do not have to worry about this anymore, we’ve got you covered with 05 simple ways to learn drawing with this article. 

Shall we begin? 

How to Draw something even when nothing, in particular, is coming to your mind

The first step to getting something done is to start doing it. Take a pencil and a paper and just start. Keep repeating the process for practice makes the man perfect. With time, your skills will improve and you will feel more confident about your abilities. 

Inspire yourself on How to draw

One great way to learn the meticulous art of drawing is to inspire the masterly works of their artists. Look for inspiration from these art pieces. Try to understand the driving forces and figure out what drives your creativity. 

Start to drawing from drawings and photographs

Like they say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, you cannot master the art of drawing from the first day. You’ll have to make a little progress every day. Day after day, you’ll see how phenomenally your craft is evolving. So start with other existing sketches, photographs, drawings and try to replicate them in the best possible manner. 

Take inspiration from live objects in real-life events from your surroundings

Nothing will stay with you more than what you’ve felt, seen, or experienced. When you put that out on the paper, it’s first-hand which means it’s original. It’s something that you’ve created and it’s yours to own. It’s your chance to showcase a perspective from your eyes. 

Be intentional about your drawing

Drawing might demand the utmost level of creativity and imagination but that does not mean you completely forego the direction. Be discretionary about how you’re taking your drawing forward. Be intentional about it in the sense that you know what you’re doing and look at a broader picture and decide what you want to accomplish in the beginning only. Let’s go where life takes us is a good ideology to follow but not when you’re working on a creative piece. 

There you go! You can now pursue your love for drawing by following these 05 simple steps. Remember- you are everything about the art that you pursue. It starts with you. So gift yourself a sketchbook and get the reel going. All the best. 

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