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Everyone has a secret wish to draw and paint, don’t you agree? As appreciation is the currency of our lives, everyone wants to impress others with his or her talent and it’s only natural. So, perhaps everyone wants to learn drawing & painting. If not as a career then it would probably be a retirement plan. But how? how to draw? From our childhood days, we have tried using different ways & different methods. In our school days, we used to have a lot of fun in the Art’s lecture; We used to use pencils & colors to learn drawing and painting. Each one of us strived to make his or her drawing look more realistic and attractive. But failed miserably in bringing realism. Do you know the reason behind it? Do you remember one very important subject called “Geometry” in the syllabus of drawing? I am pretty sure everyone used to dislike that subject and pay the least attention. To be honest with all of you, that’s the missing link in everyone being able to draw and paint perfectly. But if we understand “light and form study”, we can easily bring the 3rd dimension on a flat 2 dimensional paper.

So, that’s the hindrance in everyone being able to draw and paint realistically. Most people have avoided that subject & tried to learn drawing. But infact, it’s the basic need to learn geometry beforehand so that you can apply it in your drawing and painting. Did you know? Every object & living thing in this universe has geometry in it. So before drawing any object or living thing, one must understand its geometry. It may be spherical, cylindrical, conical, cubical or any other form. Even if we learn how to draw with the grid method, the basic structure of any form must be clear.

Even different trees have different geometrical forms like Banyan tree has a spherical form but Ashoka tree has cylindrical & conical form.

At our Pencil Perceptions academy, we are very keen to show these different geometrical forms while doing pencil drawing. One must learn the technical aspect before trying to bring realism in drawing & painting. As my educational background is mechanical engineering, and I have spent more than 25 years into architectural presentations, I see every object and understand it’s geometrical form. This is one of the reasons why one can draw in any and every angle through imagination as the geometry is clearly understood. The answer to “Can you draw this from a different angle?” will be positive.

In our Pencil Perceptions academy, we have focused more on making each student understand the geometrical form before starting any drawing & rendering that brings 3rd dimension in the pencil drawing. Once you start understanding the geometry behind every object, it becomes easier for you to draw that object and give it a 3D look by shading it in a proper tonal value.

At the beginning, it seems very difficult to understand the solid geometry but eventually you will understand it. In Pencil Perceptions academy we are more focused on teaching solid geometry. Even if you draw a simple paper cup or ceramic cup, it has a cylindrical geometry that is slightly tapering. Once you understand its solid geometry, you will understand the play of light, shade and shadow and thus you will be able to apply appropriate tonal play giving it a three dimensional look.

Generally people try to look at the single plane geometry without understanding its third dimension. Even if you see a tree and understand its geometry, it will be very easier for you to give proper tonal values as per its circumference, then and only then it will show its roundity and will feel like a three dimensional tree.

Can Geometry help you in making Realistic Pencil Portraits? Our human face is filled with spherical shapes from forehead to chin. That’s why once you master shading of a sphere with pencil you can easily handle the shading of a human face. And if you apply proper shading in the pencil drawing of a human face, it will look more realistic.

Even if you want to show a pimple on a human face you need to understand that it’s conical in shape just like a mountain. Once you understand that it’s conical, you will automatically render it like a cone giving it a look of a pimple. The same thing happens with wrinkles on an aged face. Its geometry is cylindrical. In the medium of pencil drawing, you can handle all these geometrical shapes and start drawing and rendering it. In pencil sketching /drawing, first understanding the solid geometry of an object is important. It will give you an upper hand in bringing realism in your pencil drawings irrespective of it being a landscape, still life or a portrait drawing. It is now proven that learning geometry does makes a huge difference in bringing realism in pencil drawing or painting as well.

So, before learning pencil drawing or pencil sketching, master and understand the solid geometry. When you Master the art logically, it is easier to draw a realistic pencil sketch.

Drawing a pencil sketch of a human face or a still life or a landscape becomes much more easier once you start understanding its basic geometrical shapes or solid geometry. It will also improve your shading. Make sure you do not smudge!

So learning geometry or solid geometry is a crucial thing before learning pencil sketching or pencil drawing.

In all the world-class art academies, they give more importance to the sketching and shading of geometrical objects. It makes them sound in drawing anything that they want to draw or shade or paint.

This is the most important and basic requirement of learning hyper realism. One needs to master how to draw Freehand, how to draw objects, how to make a realistic pencil sketch before making extreme detailed portraits.

Where to learn all this? If you want to learn at your convenience, you can learn at home through our online courses. It is the perfect choice, you just need to start learning the Right way!

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