7 Awesome Drawing Ideas to Draw when you are out of Topics

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Drawing is a way of exploring the thoughts and putting them on paper. For many of us, drawing is a hobby and for some, it is a profession too. There are plenty of resources available to draw from pencils, papers to colours and many more. These will help in enhancing a drawing effortlessly. In this article, we will look into different drawing ideas. This will help you improve your existing skills in a better way. We also see about drawing lessons online that you can take up to become an expert.

 So Here are Some Awesome Drawing Ideas to draw when you don’t get any topic.

1. Doodling

It is always the best to start drawing through doodling. It is an easy way to develop strokes, shades and interpretation. With practice, you can also make amazing doodles. This will add mystery and initiate interest in the viewer. 

2. Cartoons

This is one of the best drawing ideas for kids. Kids will love cartoons and you can introduce drawing to them through the same. It is good, to begin with, colouring cartoons and then slowly letting them draw. 

3. People 

 simplest drawing ideas is draw peoples

While thinking of drawing ideas for everyone, drawing people is the best. Anyone can start by looking at people to draw them. Initially, this can be in the form of scribbles. Later on, this can turn out to be unique ways of representing people. It can become your own style of drawing. On the other hand, this will also make you good at making realistic portraits.


4. Scenery


The scenery is the simplest form of introducing drawing to anyone. This is a good drawing idea for beginners. You can start sketching a landscape or scenery just by peeping out of your window. Start colouring or shading as you draw landscapes as it adds life to it. 


5. Still life art
draw a still life

Still, life art will interest anyone because it involves drawing from actual life. This can be a fruit bowl, a simple lamp, ink bottle etc. All you need is a place to sit and draw the object. This will introduce you to light and shadows. It is an important aspect to get into professional drawing. 


6. Comics 

If you are great in imagination and storytelling, then comics are a wonderful way to illustrate them. It is simple to make quick sketches of the characters and give expressions to them. You can start with one story and create your own comic strip with it. This is actually as exciting as it sounds. 


7. Try perspectives

Perspective drawing is your way of looking into something. This is one of the advanced drawing ideas. However, it is possible to bring out good perspective drawings when you start noticing views produced in everyday life. You can start by sketching a tall building as viewed from the ground.


It is evident that with practice, you can expertise in drawing. This can be done through proper drawing tutorials. We have a range of online drawing classes. This will introduce you to all drawing mediums, techniques and other tips to master drawing your own way.

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