7 Ways to increase your confidence as an artist

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Pencil Perceptions

Being in a field like arts requires consistent effort and motivation. Therefore, artists are prone to self-doubt, criticism, judgment, and rejection. This often leads to negative thoughts and high expectations from the self that can whittle away their creative confidence. It isn’t easy to get out of that spiral, but some of these ways to increase your confidence as an artist can help crush your self-doubt.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other artists

Social media can be inspiring to look at the artwork of other artists, but it can also be

disheartening. Just remember that you’re different from others, hence, instead of comparing and

feeling negative about your work, use their skill as inspiration to get back to practising yours.

  1. Stop setting unreal self-expectations

One way to increase your confidence as an artist is to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself. But having unreal high expectations for yourself can be problematic, like, getting unreal likes on your Instagram post, or making a viral artwork. You must concentrate on thriving, and doing better.

  1. Take a break

Art requires attention and concentration but try not to sit at one position or one place for very long. So, take breaks in between, go for a walk, and get your blood flowing. It will clear your mind from all frustrations and would help you get rid of toxins, helps the muscles in your hands function better because of the blood flow—and you also come back with fresher eyes.

  1. Join a critique group

If you can take constructive criticism, you can make a group or join an existing one, either online or offline, where you can learn about your work when you start to see it from someone else’s viewpoint! The things that stand out to you might not be the same that stands out to them.

  1. Start emailing

Push yourself to take steps which are challenging and scary. Start writing and sending gallery exhibit proposals, collaboration requests, and press releases to your local and regional media (newspapers, magazines, blogs), etc.

  1. Seek feedback

It might happen that what you’re offering is not congruent to the needs of the client. It doesn’t mean your work is bad or not up to the mark; it simply means what you’re offering isn’t what they are looking for. Reach out to them and ask for feedback. It would help you to learn and improve your future proposals.

  1. Learn confidence-boosting techniques

Some of the best ways to increase confidence as an artist include:

  • Power poses- Stand like Superman with hands on your hips, back straight, head up, and shoulders back; this will make you feel calmer and more confident.
  • Positive statements- Say or write down some positive statements about yourself.
  • Socialize- Socialize with other artists, art lovers, potential clients, etc. to build your community.


Negative and self-doubting thoughts can cause you to spiral down easily and lose your confidence. Starting with some online sketching courses and interacting with your trainers and mentors will also help in getting the motivation to progress at your own pace.

So here were some of the ways to increase your confidence as an artist, do you have any? do let us know in comments.

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