Step By Step Guide to Draw a Still Life Drawing

Drawing a still life is a fantastic way to enhance your drawing skills.  A Still life drawing is different from a usual drawing. So we,ve shared a Detail still life drawing guide.

• Drawing Papers • Staedtler Pencils (4H, 2H,   HB, 2B and 4B) • Kneaded eraser • Brush • Sharpener • Grayscale • Tracing Paper

 Essential Drawing Materials

Step 1:- Gather the Materials Needed to Draw

This Ceramic Cup has a lot to teach Us! Understanding the Light source is one of the most crucial steps in sketching. This ceramic cup is shot under soft light. So we do not see a sharp-edged highlight nor a sharp shadow.

Step 2:- Understand the Light Source

One of the most crucial steps is to measure your subject, measuring roughly with the help of a ruler or pencil. And take Measurement from different angles.  Measuring the subject helps in outlining the sketch.

Step 3:- Measure the Subject you are going to Draw

Step 4:- Start Drawing the Shapes.

Once you have noted down the basic measurements, you can begin drawing shapes and basic forms of the design and keep checking if the proportion is correct or not.

Step 5:- Draw Shadow Edges of your Object.

Now, you can block in the prominent shadows and add some basic tones with lines and some dark halftones. The direction of the light plays a crucial role in the drawing.

Step 6:- Model the Form of your Drawing

You can take as much time as you want for this step. We must use a kneaded eraser to make the reflection of the handle. It includes modelling the form, i.e. creating smooth transitions.

Step 7:- Add Details and Finish your still life

Add up finishing touches wherever you think you need to; Do it with precision. Now refine the tones and add details, shades or texture while keeping in mind the tonal values of the object.

We Believe, Anything is Possible with Practise and Consistency

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