Pencil Perceptions

Step by Step Guide to Draw a Realistic Eye

Firstly, you need to sketch the outline of the eye with the brows. Remember not to press the pencil too hard on the paper while outlining as you will have to erase it further in the steps.

Draw The Outline of The  Eye Brows

Now, you need to fill the pupil first as it will add a contrast effect to the sketch. Use the soft 4B pencil to put layers within the pupil until it appears close to black.

Filling Of The Pupil

Thicken the borders of the eye and create shadows as per the reference image. Check the light of the reference photo and add the shades accordingly.

Thicken The Borders

You can use the same pencil to draw the eyelashes with gentle strokes. Thicken the brows with gentle shades and connect it with the eyes to replicate shadow.

Draw The Eye Lashes

Use light stroke pencils to fill the space between the eyes and brows, which will be portraying the shadows over the eye due to light opposition. Darken the areas where shadows are more prominent such as the left or right corners.

Shade the Eyebrows

Use thick strokes to structure the outline of the eyeball and fill the space with light shade. Draw small yet prominent lower lashes and add smoky shades to the part of the image where the light is absent.

Outline of the Eyeball and Fill the Eye With Light Shades

Thicken the borders and darken the shadowy areas including brows, to give a final touch to the realistic eye. The regions around the dark shade portions need to be filled with light shades to make them look prominent.

Give The Finishing Touch

So, follow these steps if you want to learn how to draw realistic eyes with pencil step by step. There are many online sketching courses available over the internet to guide you with the same. Check them out and master the art of sketching eyes.