5 Simple Steps  Of Sharpener Drawing

Materials Needed

Fabriano Academia 200gsm

2B graphite 

Off-White Arrow

Staedtler 8B Black 

Off-White Arrow
Off-White Arrow

First Step

First, Understand the direction of the light & sketch a rough outline of your sharpener. Use simple shapes and straight lines to get your idea down.

Second Step

Now, Start rendering from upper side. But remember the direction of the light and   start giving  medium shade on the top from the right side. 

Third Step

Here we have to start shading to  left side of the sharpner, the shade should be light  because its front of light.

Fourth Step

Now this is the most important part, HIGHLIGHTING. By shading complete this part and we are almost done.

Fifth Step

This is the final stage. Start adding finising touches. And again remember the direction of the light & give shadow to our object.

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