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Realism on Toned Paper


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Duration of 180 Days
Language : English


-You will get free e-books, free references image along with pre-recorded video lessons Pre recorded lessons are same in both, with mentorship and without mentorship
-You will be alloted a Mentor selected by you and provided with their whatsapp number to cordinate, send your assignments, get updates, live sessions, etc. Individual learning.
- 1 live session, every month by us.
- Corrections from co-mentor weekly basis, 52 weeks. Basically, you will be guided by us, you can send us your WIP and take guidance from us for learning better. We will be your constant support. There will be Weekly feedbacks.
-Highly recommend Mentorship if you are a beginner or want to take it professionally and transform much beyond scale."

About The Course

Minimum Effort and Maximum Realistic Effect

Course Features

  • Includes from Fundamental to Portrait. Easy and Quick to Learn, Video duration 1 to 1 hours each. Systematic Approach

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 2 - Materials

Lesson 3 - Value Scale on Toned Paper

Lesson 4 - How to Blend on Toned Paper

Lesson 5 - Sphere Shading

Lesson 6 - Object Study 1: Metallic Bowl

Lesson 7 - Object Study 2: Wine Glass and Sphere

Lesson 8 - Realistic Eye -1

Lesson 9 - Realistic Eye -2

Lesson 10 - Landscape

Lesson 11 - Portrait Study Part 1

Lesson 12 - Portrait Study Part 2

Lesson 13 - Portrait Study Part 3

Lesson 14 - Facial structures on Toned Paper

Lesson 15 - Flower Study (self study)

Why Choose Us

Toned paper is my favorite method of drawing because it allows you to shade more quickly and with less work while still achieving the same Realistic Effect.

Right Methods

"Creating Hyperrealistic Artworks is all about the Right Methods. We teach you Right from Zer0. It's the technique that can makes a difference."

Detailed videos

"The process is detailed and learning is more . A Free PDF is also included to Teach You the Best Possible!"

Constant Support

"We have your back whenever you need Us! This is as effective as learning together in our Academy!"



Based on 9 Reviews

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on 04 Nov 2021


Swapnil mohan shahare

on 04 Jun 2021



on 16 Apr 2021


kayur thakkar

on 03 Apr 2021

It is worth Investing in this online course. At first I was hesitant to opt for for an online sketching course. But now I am happy, As the mentors are quite supporting and my skills have improved significantly.

chitra Desai offline

on 30 Mar 2021

I am very much interested to join.. sine have nice experience of the pencil perceptions.

Tushar Gothankar

on 30 Mar 2021

Pencil Perception has really changed my drawing perspectives. PPP is one of the best academy in India. Anyone can enroll and learn the best drawing techniques.

Devansh sanghvi

on 30 Mar 2021

This new course is really amazing... Training of eyes on toned paper is something I wanted to learn since long and now I can so I'm very happy with the course


on 29 Mar 2021

Very Informative, easy and the portrait is very detailed Video


on 29 Mar 2021

Very Informative, easy and the portrait is very detailed Video