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Duration of 115 Days
Language : English


About The Course

A COURSE WITHOUT MENTOR SHIP AFTER SILVER COURSE | SECOND LEVEL COURSE | The Onyx Course is the Second Level Intermediate course after you successfully complete the Silver Course. It includes higher level of 3D understanding of forms, surfaces, textures and portrait (both freehand and grid). includes pre-recorded Video Lessons for 365days (1 full year) (specific duration course) MOST POPULAR Online Realistic Pencil Shading Course to do After Silver Course. A Masterclass for Photorealistic Pencil Portrait by India's Pencil Master, Artist Sadashiv Sawant. Anybody can Learn (after successful copletion of Silver Course). It Includes Real Time Video Lessons which are pre-recorded with explanation and guided methods. Do check out the Lessons included. Installments (Connect with Us) and EMI on Credit Card Available (Through Website).

Course Features

  • ALERT: Do complete the Silver Course before joining this course. One done, you can apply for Onyx Course.
  • ONYX COURSE WITH MENTORSHIP is a batch of 15 students(250days) which starts from November - June every year.(Apply after successful completion of Silver Course and Submit the Test Assignment). Connect with Us.
  • Intermediate Level Course without Mentorship to Learn hyper realism after you do the silver course.
  • - Learn Anytime, Anywhere and As many times as you Wish in the Specified Duration. (365 days)
  • - Accessible on one laptop and one mobile device.
  • - 100% transparency in Teaching. Real time Videos
  • - 16 Assignments divided into 45 parts with 100% demonstration.
  • - HD Videos with Detailed Process
  • - 5000+ minutes of demonstration
  • - FREE 25+ Detailed Ebooks (Downloadable)
  • - FREE 20+ References (Downloadable)
  • - highly Detailed Downloadable Ebooks
  • - Simple Commentary in Video Lessons and Easy to understand language in Ebooks.
  • - 'Expand' to see All the Lessons in this Course (Syllabus)

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Onyx Course

Lesson 0 - Matt Sphere

Lesson 3 - Metallic Sphere

Lesson 4 - Metallic Flask

Lesson 5 - Ceramic Pot

Lesson 6 - Egg Holder and Egg

Lesson 6 - Stone Effect

Lesson 7 - Corn Cob and Lemon

Lesson 8 - Live Session (Recorded)

Lesson 10 - Live Session (Recorded)

Students Works

Why Choose Us

Covers the Advance Concepts of Hyper Realistic Artworks including animal fur, Skin Textures, Portrait Drawing, etc.
- Secured and User-friendly access to Video Lessons
- Learner - friendly Online Course for Realistic Pencil Sketching.
- Training your Eyes to Bring Realism and understanding Form, Lighting and Textures.
- You will Master Photorealistic Drawing Logically by learning Freehand Drawing, proportion and grid method as well.
- Course will help you to learn different surfaces, animal fur texture, tree textures, tone texture. how to work on toned paper, skin texture, freehand portrait, etc.
- Course will help you to learn how to draw realistic face / portrait
- We provide the Best Online Sketching Courses in Pencil Art
Learn Hyper realistic Pencil drawing without using any smudging tools. Only Pencil on Paper and enjoy the beauty of textures.
- Check Reviews on Google!

Right Methods

"Creating Hyperrealistic Artworks is all about the Right Methods. We teach you Right from Zer0. It's the technique that can makes a difference."

Detailed videos

"The process is detailed and learning is more . A Free PDF is also included to Teach You the Best Possible!"

Constant Support

"We have your back whenever you need Us! This is as effective as learning together in our Academy!"



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