Step by Step Process On How To Draw A Perfect Faceted Face

Lets go through the step-by-step guide on how anyone can  draw a perfect Faceted Face.

Medium Brush Stroke

Step 1

Draw a circle, Connect your lines to each other in diamond shape, creating triangles pointing towards the center of your circle.

Medium Brush Stroke

Step 2

Focus on the shading aspect. Start from any end but remember way of light falling on face, Highlight the shapes according.

Medium Brush Stroke

Step 3

Continue Shading the shapes and don't forget about the darkest points and the lightest areas.

Medium Brush Stroke

Step 4

Here is the step where all the things need to be accurate & shaded according to the way of light falling on face.

Medium Brush Stroke

Step 5

Finally the final stage is here. This the crucial step among the others. Here the Final touch-ups need to done.

Now that you have learned how to draw faceted face.  Keep practicing.  If you also want draw like a pro,  Then you must enroll to our  Online Sketching Courses  by none other than  Sadashiv Sawant.