Learn to Draw Pencil Sketch in 8 Simple Steps

The first thing that you must know before you start sketching is the different types of pencils, their ratings, & which one is used for what kind of sketching.

Types of Pencils  & their Ratings


There are many different ways to hold your pencil when it comes to pencil sketches.  To learn to draw sketches, you must determine ways in which you feel comfortable drawing.

Learn to Hold  your Pencil Correctly


Paper quality is an important factor when drawing a pencil sketch. The texture plays a vital role in the charm & feel of a drawing. The thickness of the paper also matters the most.

Choose The Right Drawing Paper


If you wish to become successful at your sketches, you need to learn the basic principles. You can easily learn these techniques by enrolling in an online sketching course.

Learn The Basics


When you determine the contours of an object, you would be able to draw it more easily. It might seem tricky in the beginning but you can get better at it with practice.

Contour Drawing


A good artist is one that uses their pencil accurately to measure objects before drawing them. Make sure to know the distance between lines and measure it accurately with your pencil.

Accuracy is the Key


One of the most important aspects when it comes to pencil sketches is drawing in perspective. When you do so, the sketch would illustrate that the object is in a 3D space.

Draw in Perspective


Becoming a good artist is not something that you’d achieve overnight. It would take a lot of  time. Practice daily to improve your sketching skills.

Keep Practising until  you Perfect It


All these tips would help you sketch professionally if followed & practiced regularly. You can easily learn these techniques by enrolling in an  online sketching course.  Go ahead and paint the world with your skills today!