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Duration of 365 Days
Language : English


-You will get free e-books, free references image along with pre-recorded video lessons Pre recorded lessons are same in both, with mentorship and without mentorship
-You will be alloted a Mentor selected by you and provided with their whatsapp number to cordinate, send your assignments, get updates, live sessions, etc. Individual learning.
- 1 live session, every month by us.
- Corrections from co-mentor weekly basis, 52 weeks. Basically, you will be guided by us, you can send us your WIP and take guidance from us for learning better. We will be your constant support. There will be Weekly feedbacks.
-Highly recommend Mentorship if you are a beginner or want to take it professionally and transform much beyond scale."

About The Course

Beginer friendly one year course | Pre-recorded DETAILED Video Lessons for 365days (specific duration course) Ultimate Hyper Realistic Portrait Drawing Masterclass by India's Pencil Master, Artist Sadashiv Sawant. ELIGIBILITY: Anybody Above 13yrs, no art Background required Comprehensive Hyper-realistic Portrait Drawing and Sketching, Art of Portrait Drawing & Shading step by step explained by using Graphite and Charcoal. This is a Dynamic course More focused on Developing Strong Observation, you can apply the same methods into various mediums by first having a strong foundation in Value study(Black and white) EMI on Credit Card Available

Course Features

  • 60 Pre-recorded Video Lessons from Basics to Portraits
  • In Mentorship, Personal guidance and live sessions Available for 10 months.
  • You will Learn Tips and tricks to master photo-realistic drawings, 2 shading methods, freehand drawing methods.
  • You will create 16 types of Textures from Scratch. 8 different textures like ceramic, coconut, metallic, glossy, wet effect, fruit, fabric, etc in detail.
  • Landscape and types of Perspective.
  • Complete the Process of two Hyper-realistic Portrait with the Grid method
  • One complete Process of Freehand Realistic Portrait
  • Additional Access to Recorded Live Sessions compiled for you. FREE 25+ Detailed Ebooks (Downloadable)
  • HD Videos with Detailed Process
  • 3000+ minutes of demonstration
  • Every Video is of around 1 hour.
  • FREE 20+ References (Downloadable, Printable)
  • 100% transparency in Teaching, Easy to Understand, Simple Logical Explanations.
  • Accessible on one laptop and one mobile device.
  • Send your final assignment of portrait and Matt sphere in the "Apply for certificate" within the Course Duration of 365 days.
  • You can Learn Anytime, anywhere and as many times as you wish in the Specified Duration of 365 days.



Lesson 3 - HOW TO DRAW




Lesson 7 - GRAYSCALE









Lesson 16 - FLOWER STUDY




Lesson 20 - FOLD STUDY


Lesson 22 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 01

Lesson 23 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 02

Lesson 24 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 03

Lesson 25 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 04

Lesson 26 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 05

Lesson 27 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 06

Lesson 28 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 07

Lesson 29 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 08

Lesson 30 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 09

Lesson 31 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 10

Lesson 32 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 11

Lesson 33 - PORTRAIT STUDY – 12

Lesson 34 - PORTRAIT STUDY -13

Lesson 35 - How to Draw Realistic Eyes

Lesson 36 - How to Draw Realistic Lips

Lesson 37 - Freehand Portrait 1

Lesson 38 - Freehand Portrait 2

Lesson 39 - Self Study-1 : Apple Study

Lesson 40 - Self Study 2 : Still Life

Lesson 41 - Live session-1

Lesson 42 - Lilia- Portrait Study -1

Lesson 43 - Lilia- Portrait Study -2

Lesson 44 - Lilia- Portrait Study -3

Lesson 45 - Lilia- Portrait Study -4

Lesson 46 - Lilia- Portrait Study -5

Lesson 47 - Lilia- Portrait Study -6

Lesson 48 - Lilia- Portrait Study -7

Lesson 49 - Lilia- Portrait Study -8

Lesson 50 - Lilia- Portrait Study -9

Lesson 51 - Lilia- Portrait Study -10

Lesson 52 - Lilia- Portrait Study -11

Lesson 53 - Lilia- Portrait Study -12

Lesson 54 - Lilia- Portrait Study -13

Lesson 55 - Lilia- Portrait Study -14

Lesson 56 - Lilia- Portrait Study -15

Lesson 57 - Lilia- Portrait Study -16

Lesson 58 - Lilia- Portrait Study -17

Lesson 59 - Lilia- Portrait Study -18

Lesson 60 - Live session Compilation

Students Works

Why Choose Us

Promise Driven Academy to bring transformation in your drawing.
Covers the Core Concepts of Hyper Realistic Portrait Drawing from Zero to Portraits
Secured and User-friendly access to Video Lessons
Learner - friendly Online Course for Realistic Pencil Sketching.
10,000+ students learnt worldwide
Course will help you to learn Pencil Shading Techniques, how to draw Realistic Fruits, Realistic Object drawing, Perspective Drawing, landscapes and Learn Hyper Realistic Portrait Drawing
Course will help you to learn how to draw realistic face / portrait
We provide the Best Online Sketching Courses in Pencil Art
Check Reviews on Google!

Right Methods

"Creating Hyperrealistic Artworks is all about the Right Methods. We teach you Right from Zer0. It's the technique that can makes a difference."

Detailed videos

"The process is detailed and learning is more . A Free PDF is also included to Teach You the Best Possible!"

Constant Support

"We have your back whenever you need Us! This is as effective as learning together in our Academy!"



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Jasmeet kaur

on 31 Jul 2023

Very good detailed sessions along with proper guidance. 👌 👍 👏 😀 😄 😊 happy and satisfied.


on 22 Jun 2023

I feel lucky in finding the Pencil Perceptions owing to which I could improve my drawing skills. I feel grateful that my effort has recognised by ‘Pencil Perceptions’ and awarded Certificate to me. I look forward to improve my drawing skills further through Online Onyx Course. *Prostration and ‘Charan Sparsh’ to Sadashiv Sir.* 🙏🏼

Vinita Jain

on 20 Jun 2023

Truely the best course.Thank you so much for this online course.I have learned so many new things within few days.


on 13 May 2023

I learned a lot of information about pencils, the shading method.. I really enjoyed the process in pencil perception. The classes are really help me alot to changing my drawing

Rudra Sonawane

on 12 Apr 2023


Sujata Ranjit Dixit

on 19 Feb 2023

Hi!!! this is Sujata ,I am an artist. I am the student of Silver Portrait Course at Pencil Perception Academy. I was in search of realism in my art & my search ended at PPA . Am very much satisfied by enrolling at PPA. Many different aspects are covered in the syllabus. It's a one year artistic journey. along with realism it gives us knowledge about various techniques regarding portraiture, that we wouldn't have think. So much detailed and thorough knowledge is given through recorded videos. all the videos are detailed and thorough, even absolute beginner can enroll and can successfully complete the course. Trust me the result at the end of the course is totally different then that of beginning. I'm definitely looking forward to enroll Onyx course ,after finishing the Silver Portrait Course. Sadashiv sir is a magician in true sense blessed by goddess Saraswati . My mentor Komal Thoria is the most passionate and hardworking mentor I have got. She made me work better and better. I am so much thankful to Sadashiv sir, Prabuddha ma'am and Komal for all the support. thank you so much.


on 19 Feb 2023

Hi. This is Sujata. I am an artist and was in search of realism in my art. Finally my search ended at Pencil Perception Academy and absolutely satisfied that got enrolled in PPA. The areas of portrait learning,which we can't even think,that had been taken care of. The total new way of perception is introduced in this course. Silver Portrait Course is perfect online course for those artists who can not join academy physically. Thanking you Sadashiv sir and Komal mam for great mentoring, supporting to enhance my skills and change way of my artism🥰🙏


on 29 Jan 2023

Very good course

Siddhi Jaydeep patil

on 21 Jan 2023

Hello. I am Siddhi Patil. I loved to draw since childhood. It's been two years since I started to draw portraits. But I always felt something was missing in my drawings. One day i saw pencil perception's Instagram profile and i was amazed by sir's drawings. Then i decided to join online silver portrait course. All the assignments helped me to improve my observation and better understanding of tonal values. My art improved a lot within a year. I have successfully completed a silver portrait course and am now doing an onyx course with mentorship. It's a really amazing experience. Thanks to the sadashiv sir and prabuddha mam for the valuable guidance. I highly recommend these courses who want to learn photo realism art.


on 17 Jan 2023

If you are interest go to pencil perceptions academy..thank you🙌

Sourav Dolai

on 17 Dec 2022

This Is the best drawing course for beginners. .👍

Shri Gaayathri K

on 15 Nov 2022

Greeting sir! There is a proverb called ' A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out for you by Bob Proctor. I can relate this proverb with myself when i joined your course.Thanks a lot for making my dream into reality. I got the best foundation about the drawing,rendering,perception etc.This is the best decision which i took in my life. Before joining your course when i tried few portraits it didn't resemble the reference . After joining your 'SILVER PORTRAIT COURSE' i am confidently trying out and making my own portrait assignments. My Parents, Friends and relatives are very proud of me and they are very happy. Thanks a lot sir and i am feeling blessed and overwhelmed

Sanjay Bhoir

on 15 Nov 2022

Joining Pencil Perception academy was a life changing experience for me – The course is so well structured All you need is practice and dedication towards the art. Sadashiv Sir is a great tutor who is very aware of how to support and guide you throughout the cource. I have learned a great deal about gradiant, anatomy, behavior of light, drawing and composition in this "Silver cource" and it has been fun to do. Hopefully I will start next course soon Thanks a lot PPA team and Sadashiv Sir For taking my drawing beond my imagination. 🙏😊

Divya Bharathi

on 15 Nov 2022

The best online course for those who are willing to learn realism!! The videos themselves are so much explanative that I didn't find the need of a mentor at any point. Thank you so much Sadashiv Sawanth sir and all those in the team for this wonderful course. I found very much improvement in my sketches within a year and I feel very happy and satisfied for choosing this course. Thanks to the academy.

Dr Priya Salunkhe

on 13 Nov 2022

Thank you so much sir and ma'am for amezing silver portrait course....in last 1 year because of pencil perception every day i get chance to learn new things and fullfill my dreams....i see tremendous improvement in my drawing skill after joining this course..... learning from course every day is like meditation....the drawing which give me absolute satisfaction, joy of learning pencil drawing....my childhood dream becomes true because of accademy.... thank you so much for every thing, every help , support. happy to get connected with pencil perception...my silver portrait course without mentorship online course complete on 12th nov 22...and im happy to be part of onyx course without mentorship now....the video quality of each lesson is awesome and sir explained everything in detail.... Every question and querys are cleared itself in each video lectures...pdf are very much helpful...also every team members from accademy is ready to help you when we need....the process of learning from sir and finding tremendous improvement and changes in our drawing is most joyful thing i get from accademy... thank you so much

Shraddha Badwaik

on 05 Sep 2022

Beautiful course


on 18 Aug 2022

One of the best platform to learn realism

Arpita Keshav

on 03 Jun 2022

One of the best online course ever!!! I have learned a lot from Sadashiv sir and Komal ma'am. The videos are so effective in learning realistic art. Even without a mentor we can learn so much from the videos. I have learned the correct method of rendering and I have improved a lot in my portrait works due to which I get portrait orders now and I definitely recommend to all aspiring artist who wants to improve like me. Thank you sir and komal ma'am

Ajay kumar

on 05 Jan 2022

Hlo sir

Guru nalagati

on 25 Dec 2021


Guru nalagati

on 25 Dec 2021


Bajrang Lal Kumawat

on 06 Nov 2021


Nagesh kondabattin

on 21 Sep 2021

I like your arts

Nagesh kondabattin

on 21 Sep 2021

I like your arts

Deep Kundu

on 08 Sep 2021


CA Shriya Ranade

on 16 Aug 2021

Drawing, sketching has always been a passion for me. My knowledge on the subject was limited to self learned basics from Google. I needed a more professional approach and application to this knowledge which made me enroll for this course under the mentorship of Vrinda mam. This course is well researched and developed to enable even an amateur to master the skill of sketching. Kudos to the team of Pencil perceptions! A special mention of my mentor, Vrinda mam who was very patient in explaining the nuances of sketching. At times my hectic work schedule did not permit me to submit the assignments on time. But she has been very supportive and encouraging throughout...Thank you Sawant Sir for giving a chance to many amateurs to make our dream turn reality

Piyush singh

on 13 Aug 2021


Nitesh Tambe

on 24 Jul 2021

Pencil sketch online

Nitesh Tambe

on 24 Jul 2021

Pencil sketch online

Sanchita Warrier

on 12 Jul 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Taught me to identify and rectify my mistakes, took my work a notch higher. Special thanks to my mentor Mrs. Vrinda Pai for taking great efforts behind every assignment and promptly replying to my doubts. Highly recommended course!!

Sonika Verma

on 06 Jul 2021


Viraj Vaidya

on 02 Jul 2021

The Silver Potrait course is extremely helpful if you really want to start drawing or develop yourself in potrait drawing. The course is perfect for beginners, and it is more helpful when you opt for the course with mentorship. The advantage of mentorship is that the mentors guide you in every way to correct you and make you perfect which will help you in drawing realistic potraits. For a beginner I really recommend the Silver Potrait course with Mentorship.. for amazing guidance from the mentors.


on 26 Jun 2021

Being a working professional, focus towards our inner passion fades away is a misconception. Initially I was skeptical about joining a full time course where I have to manage both work and art. But Penci Perceptions made it easy through detailed video sessions and mentorship. My perception towards Pencil Drawings has completely changed until I started my journey with Pencil Perceptions. This course trained me in observing, detailing and drove me towards perfection. My mentor was very patient and helpful right from the start providing guidance in identifying my mistakes, correct them and did regular check up on my practice. Regular live sessions from Sadashiv sir gives us the technical details that we overlook while practicing. Pencil Perceptions is one such platform for anyone who wants to tune their inner artist. Amazing thing about Pencil Perceptions is that any kind of complex work is rendered only through pencils without any blending tools which is the very first reason for me to join this course. I am extremely happy to be a part of this amazing community and would recommend to anyone without a second thought.


on 25 Jun 2021

It's the best online Pencil Realism Course. I started developing my observation because of object studies and saw a lot of difference in my portrait


on 24 Jun 2021

It's a very detailed course, teaches you to have patience and keep trying until it's perfect. Maybe the duration could be little longer. I've reached half way the course and it's extremely detailed and organised.


on 24 Jun 2021

The course was helpful and the concepts were well taught.


on 24 Jun 2021

It was helpful and I learnt a lot. The lectures were really nice.

Swati Bajaj

on 24 Jun 2021

Being a commerce graduate, my exposure to sketching was limited to whatever little that was taught in the school. Thereafter trying to pursue it alongside family responsibilities neither seemed feasible nor important. However the unprecedented circumstances of last year made me determined to explore things that I really wanted to, but couldn't due to various reasons. And 'Pencil Perceptions' seemed to be the right starting point in this regard. It allowed me to begin my learning without even stepping out of my house and that too at my own pace. The systematic structuring of the course -basic strokes to plain patches to objects with different textures to portrait- is suitable for everyone including novices like me who want to follow their interests but don't know where to begin without getting intimidated by lack of technical knowledge. The best part of the course are the various videos wherein Sawant Sir walks us through the whole process of rendering the sketch; right from 1) focused observation of picture 2) understanding the nuances and the finer points of the effect that is expected to be achieved and 3) actually demonstrating how to go about achieving it. This approach makes understanding so much more effective than mere reading of books/literature. Various mentors provide the much needed connection for sharing the difficulties in case one feels stuck up. They are always available for guidance and correction of mistakes. All in all, if you enjoy sketching or find it therapeutic, 'Pencil Perceptions' is definitely a right step in honing your skills irrespective of whether you aspire to be an artist or not.


on 24 Jun 2021

I am 5 months into this course and enjoying every bit of it. This course is perfectly designed for amateurs like me who dream to develop a future in realism art. They polish the basics first then move on to more technical and complex methods. This course has made me trust the process. Kudos to Sadashiv Sir and team for developing such a comprehensive training material. And not to forget, having a mentor is so beneficial. Getting your practice vetted by an expert at every step is really important to know that your are progressing in the right direction.

Himanshi Singh

on 24 Jun 2021

Pencil perception is the best place if you want to learn realism. Especially the online courses are a blessing for all those who wish to learn but cannot be physically present. Each and every concept is explained so well. And they are always there for support and guidance. For people who want to learn realism just go for it.


on 24 Jun 2021

Pencil Perception is the best place to learn realism. Especially the online classes are a blessing to people who wanna learn but cannot be physically present. Each and every concept is explained so well in the videos.They teach you right from the basics and are always available for their support and guidance. To everyone who are looking forward to master realism Pencil Perception is the best place for you.

Trupti Zingade

on 24 Jun 2021

This is the first time I have tried sketching, was skeptical in the start but now I am able to learn so much with proper guidance . It's a deep study and requires lot of patience. Having said that , the videos constructed by the PPA team is so easy to understand, focusing on the minute details and the work is doable. As a complete beginner I am able to manage the work well . My mentor Jill, is extremely supportive and have lot of patience in regards to the corrections and minute detailing. Consistency is very much required if you are planning to take this course.

Kokare tanmayi appasaheb

on 24 Jun 2021

This is a unique course that is taught without stumps. So we just learn to sketch with a pencil. The guides are colleagues. Vrinda mam (my mentor) teaches me very well.

Navya Naaz

on 18 Jun 2021

One of the most helpful academy I've connected with. The videos, the e-books, and the most imp the mentors., You'll get all the ideas all the correction for your doubts and your flaws as well. They're giving their best to correct our rendering and observation skills. You guys can make a small step for entering into this academy without any second thought.. I'm sure it'll improve your art skills ..


on 18 Jun 2021

One of the best online classes for all art lovers students with excellent method ...


on 17 Jun 2021

I have been a student of the silver course of PPA. My experience here has been deeply creative as well as meditative. My passion for pencil art got a much needed direction and a sound grounding through Sadashiv sir's technical methodical and unique approach towards teaching & conceptualizing the basic grammar of art as a holistic subject. His acute attention to details, perspective and constant words of encouragement made my learning insightful and a wonderful journey. I treasure it. I highly recommend this course to one and all who visits this site for a much needed advancement of their learning and contributing in the world of art.


on 17 Jun 2021

I have been a student of the silver course of PPA. My experience here has been deeply creative as well as meditative. My passion for pencil art got a much needed direction and a sound grounding through Sadashiv sir's technical methodical and unique approach towards teaching & conceptualizing the basic grammar of art as a holistic subject. His acute attention to details, perspective and constant words of encouragement made my learning insightful and a wonderful journey. I treasure it. I highly recommend this course to one and all who visits this site for a much needed advancement of their learning and contributing in the world of art.


on 17 Jun 2021

My first online course .. PPA is one of the best online pencil courses.Sir (Mr. Sadashiv Sir) Your teaching method is the best drawing technique.Thank you very much sir for your valuable guidance. My skills have improved significantly as the mentors (Mr. Sourab Sen Sir) are very supportive Thank you very much sir. Thank you @pencil perception..

Joga Gangadhar

on 17 Jun 2021

Hello everyone, I enrolled for silver Potrait course with mentorship...my mentor Saurabh sen , very dedicated ,patience . he helped me alot.. I have never seen this kind of teaching in a simple manner.. ..very friendly teaching...my mentor answer my queries 24*7 and corrects the sketch at each and every stage of sketch... It gave me a strong foundation in sketching..Really enjoying alot..I just saw this course in youtube and enrolled it ... Still lot more has been left to learn...Thank you mentor Saurabsen@ pencil perceptions academy


on 17 Jun 2021

My 1st online course .. PPA is one of the best online pencil courses.Sir (Mr. Sadashiv Sir) Your teaching method is the best drawing techniques.Thank you very much for your valuable guidance sir. My skills have improved significantly as the mentors (Mr. Saurabh Sen Sir) are very supportive Thank you so much sir. Thank you Jim PPA Team ..❤️

Chetan Panchal

on 17 Jun 2021

If anyone wants to learn and understand the core concepts of pencil drawing, shading, realistic rendering. If anyone wants to be a part of wonderful easy simple and realistic teaching dont think simply enroll to the course and you will enjoy the most. I am currently enrolled to this course and enjoying my journey. There is still lot learn and can’t wait till i start posting my drawings 😍


on 07 Apr 2021

One of the best online pencil drawing course with correct method