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How to improve your art with online sketching course


Drawing is the foundation to any form of art whether you’re a painter, printmaker, or sculptor. Many of us still think that we are limited in our drawing skills, and there’s no further room for improvement. But the truth is that by taking up a good online sketching course, we can learn the basic concepts and practice them to get better.

Why should you opt for online Sketching course?

From quick sketching to making bigger artistic pieces, sketching can have many different purposes. Just like you need to learn to walk before you can take part in a marathon, similarly, you need to learn to sketch before you can go for painting, illustrations, or designing. With a good online sketching course, you train your mind to see a bigger picture, and your hands and eyes to develop that coordination.

Online art classes enable you to become more receptive to the details and create your perspective to fill your creation with your essence. It becomes almost impossible to master such skills and learn the depth, proportionality, perspective, etc. without any practice. With online sketching course, you get all the content and exercises on your screen, where you can exercise, learn and practice at your own pace, at reasonable prices.

How do you sketch?

So, now that you know about how you can improve with the help of online sketching course, let’s look at these exercises that will help you to get the maximum of the training sessions online.

But before you start, we’ve got a few tips for you:

  • Start with an 8B pencil, or a piece of charcoal to avoid getting tempted by the details of the figure.
  • Keep your wrists and shoulders relaxed to avoid holding the pencil tightly.
  • Start with bold and fluent lines first.
  • Limit the time for the sketching.
  • Always keep a non-dust eraser for your mistakes.

Exercise 1: Speed Up

Challenge yourself daily by assigning a short time to complete the same sketch with more precision. You can do this in quick sessions and change the pose or the angle of your subject in every session.

Speed up from online sketching course

Try not to pressurize yourself as you’re here to learn, not to stress yourself out. Capture the essence of the subject, and ignore the details (for now).

Exercise 2: Level Up

Level up your skills with online sketching course

Once you’ve practised the previous exercise enough times, it’s time to up your level by moving to places where you can sketch people in real life who are unaware of them being your new models.

Make sure that these models are not static; that they’re moving, or at least changing their poses. And, that these sketches shouldn’t last for more than a minute.

Exercise 3: Study-Oriented

Study your subject: look at it for a moment and imagine the kind of angles it has or the movements that are possible. Sketch it from an easy angle and capture its main shapes. For your next sketch, change something about it.

Sketching is the most important weapon to get you to become a good painter or sculptor or whatever you want. An online sketching course like ours can help you expand your visual library for with the help of such exercises, and train your mind to understand and internalize those concepts and proportions to become better at sketching.

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